Diba Gordafkan
Hey, my name’s Diba! One thing that most people should know about me is that I love watching TV shows and movies. My favorite movie is either “Les Miserables” or “Ruby Sparks”, and my favorite TV shows are “Game of Thrones” and “The X-Files.”  Another thing that people should know about me is that I love music. Music has helped me become a better writer, a happier person, and a much open-minded being. My favorite bands are The Strokes, My Chemical Romance, The Vaccines and The Wombats. Finally, the last thing that people should know about me is that I absolutely love to read and write. Reading has always been a great experience throughout my life. And for writing, well..I hope to achieve my dream of becoming a writer in the future and write books for people who I hope to inspire. For the past few years, The Haywire has taught me to me to be open, creative, and never back down on any opportunities.  My favorite quote: “We’re all stories in the end. Let’s just make it a good one.”

Diba Gordafkan, Editor in Chief

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