Construction dirt sits in front of the gym just near a brand new ramp that connects to the student parking lot.

Antonia Niebla

Hayward High Remains Under Construction

Construction has stalled on new restrooms and ramp near student parking lot; completion date is uncertain.

December 3, 2015

Port-o-potties, port-o-potties, port-o-potties.

They were quite the sight to be met with when students first started arriving on campus on Aug. 26, the first day of school. It was also around the time construction on the ramp near the student parking lot and restrooms were due for completion. The project, funded by the district, cost more than over $1 million.

Renovation on the ramp near the student parking lot and all student restrooms started at the beginning of June. However, it was delayed due to technical issues, according to Salim Shah, the Superintendent of construction.

“We either [didn’t] have the right plans, right drawings (designs), or something was not figured out in the plans and it takes time,” Shah said. “And the plans and designs needed more verification because [of] the delays.” Construction on the ramp was expected to be completed in September, says Shah. All the bathrooms have been finished. The ramp remains closed, as Shah has needed approval from inspectors. Because of the delay, Principal David Seymour had to decide which project would be top priority.

“I felt that the ramp was less of an issue compared to bathrooms,” Seymour said.  

However, students and staff said they found the situation a inconvenience.

 “I think construction should have been finalized during the summer and not go on throughout the year, “ Assistant Principal Alvaro Franco said.

Construction on the ramp was necessary, according to Seymour, to accommodate the handicapped, as the old structure was outdated. In response to the construction of the ramp, students have had to walk around the gym to get to the boy’s locker room.

“It’s a big inconvenience for the students and staff,” Franco said.

According to Franco, more projects are planned in the near future.

“There’s going to be construction on the science building and pretty soon the field will be renovated.”  Franco said.

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