Curtain Goes Up For New Class

February 18, 2015

It was a long paperwork-filled journey for the new drama teacher who was trying to make his dream class come true. Hayward High did not have a drama class until the middle of the 2014-2015 school year, and it was all thanks to Tavis Kammet, the new drama teacher.

Kammet was not only a substitute teacher before being the drama teacher but he is also an actor. Kammet had received his B.A. in Drama from University of Exeter then he went and got his M.A. in Performance from the University of London Goldsmiths.

 “I was substitute teaching here at Hayward High, as well as working as an actor all around the bay area; but I’m still an actor,” Kammet said.

Kammet had been substituting for the Child Development and Culinary Arts class at Hayward High because those classes needed a replacement teacher. However, Kammet took the opportunity to do something different that he enjoyed and wanted to share with the students at Hayward High, which was drama.

“I am a professional actor, I have a BA and an MA in Drama,” Kammet said. “That’s the subject I can teach, I may know how to cook a few things but the students will not learn as much from me as a cooking teacher as they will from me as a drama teacher.”

Most students that signed up to be in the Child Development and Culinary Art classes were not too keen on their elective class being switched to a whole new course.

“Plenty of kids complain,” Kammet said. “We work hard in my class. We’re constantly moving and I’m introducing lots of foreign concepts. But those who are trying, are growing,” Kammet explained.

Although some students did not like the change at first, some students are enjoying it now.

“The class is okay; the things I like the most are all the different exercises we do everyday,” junior Nancy Huerta said

There are also some students that think the class is fun and gives out a positive environment in Hayward High.

“I like the class and it’s really fun to have Mr. Kammet as our teacher for something that he knows what to do,” Maribel Zarate, Senior, said.

Kammet is happy that the students are giving the class a chance, and giving him the opportunity to be a real teacher for once. He gets to teach a subject where he knows what to do and what to say to the students.

“The students are really going for it and I’m really proud of them,” Kammet says.

The class schedule starts off with a physical warm-up and then later on, it transitions off into the lesson.

“I have half the class onstage while the other half is in the audience, silently and critically observing the performers. Right before the end of class, we work on breath and relaxation,” Kammet explained.

 The new drama class has five periods and has about 150 students in total. Kammet said that he is not certain of any future events pertaining to the new drama class but he knows that he will have something good in store for the semester final, he is hoping for a real audience.

“I want to have an improv show, maybe in April,” Kammet said.

    It had been a long time since there had been a drama class for Hayward High School, and Kammet is happy that he got the chance to create the drama class since most of the time, drama programs are the ones being cut out of schools. He dreamt about being a drama teacher but he needed to find the right moment in which he could pursue his goal.

 “With schools always cutting drama programs, I thought I’d never have the chance to teach it. I always thought, if I could become a real teacher I would want to be a drama teacher,” Kammet said.

Kammet says that he would dream about being a real teacher and not just a substitute when it came time for  him to think about his future.

“When I’d dream about a future where I own a house and have kids, that future always needed a real job to   support it,” Kammet said.

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