Ysabel Perez Enjoys Life On and Off Soccer Field

February 12, 2015

Honor roll student and four-year varsity soccer player Ysabel Perez came to the realization that she had a passion for soccer since middle school.

Dealing with things on and off the field has always been difficult for Perez, but never unmanageable.

Some might say the girls varsity soccer team is difficult to be on. Players must maintain acceptable academics while keeping up with soccer. Not being able to juggle both might result in being benched for a couple of games.

Consequences create a bigger urge to accomplish the duties of a busy life. Being one of four children doesn’t stop young Perez, it only motivates her to complete homework on important game nights. While the alternative is going to practice and having fun while playing with teammates.

Freshman teammate Fedra Sanchez loves playing on the field with Perez.

“It’s fun because we have a lot of connection on the field,” Sanchez said. “We naturally connect in the field with passing the soccer ball.”

Sanchez detects a different Perez on the field during games then at practice.

“She can be rude and nice,” Sanchez said. “When we play friends she pretends during the game that their real enemies then at the end of the game she is still friends with everyone.”

Perez being on varsity since her freshman year and develop important leadership roles on the field.

“Sometimes we have are arguments because of incomplete passes however she makes a good captain because she has a very well sportsmanship,” Sanchez said.

According to Perez she is proud of being able to manage class, games, practice, and friends and family time during the long weeks. Since freshman year she has really gotten the hang of it.

“I am missing a lot of class but it comes down to prioritizing,” Perez said. “During the week I only go to school and practice. Then home to do my homework. But I find time on the weekends to go out with my friends,” Perez said.

Without her older brother guiding her through the bumpy roads, the motivation would have not been as powerful.

“I’m really close with all my family, but mostly my oldest brother Francisco,” Perez said.

“He trained me, helped me study and made sure I stayed on top of everything,” Perez said, with an unforgettable smile.

Struggling through junior year made her want to drop soccer and focus on school to reach the grades she wanted.

Perez’s brothers advice makes long nights staying up doing homework worth the challenge.

“Something my brother always told me,” Perez said, “When the storm of life takes over, push forward and fight back eventually the storm will pass.”

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